Family Watches in Horror as Taliban Shoot, Mutilate Pregnant Afghanistan Police Woman in Ghor: Report

In yet another offensive launched by the Taliban, they shot down a woman police officer in Firozkoh, the capital city of central Ghor province in Afghanistan in front of her family.

According to a report by BBC, family members of the officer, identified as Banu Negar said that she was 6 months pregnant when the assault took place and left her face badly mutilated. As per another report by The Sun, the Taliban had killed her in front of her kids and husband during a door-to-door execution.

Gory images of the deceased policewoman were also circulated on social media where her body was seen lying on a blood-stained carpet. A pair of blood-stained screwdrivers was also seen on the carpet. The family said that the local Taliban had promised to investigate the incident.

Notably, this development comes a few days after dozens of women in Herat province held protests demanding rights and female representation in the government. On Saturday, the Taliban broke up a women’s protest in Kabul. The demonstrators were demanding the continuation of civil rights for women that had been built up during the democratic regime after the end of the Taliban’s previous stint in power.

The protestors claimed that they were targeted with tear gas and pepper spray as they tried to make their way towards the presidential palace.

Reuters also quoted another protester as saying, “They also hit women on the head with a gun magazine, and the women became bloody.”

On Sunday, the media reported that Afghan women had started buying head and face coverings out of being beaten black and blue by the Taliban militants if they were seen without a hijab or burqas.

Last week, the Taliban issued a decree to private universities, ordering them not to teach male and female students together.

Even though the Taliban have been vowing to be liberal than what their previous rule displayed, incidences of brutality against women in Afghanistan are telling a different picture.

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