Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra Shares Horrifying Near-death Experience

Athletes become proficient in their particular game by going through a strenuous process of rigorous hard work and training. However, experiences outside the field make them sportspersons since a game is all about skills, but sports is all about spirit. Neeraj Chopra, the star javelin thrower, who made history by winning the first-ever gold for India in track and field events and the only gold for India in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, shared on such off-field and a mid-air experience. The story ended up with fans applauding Neeraj’s calm composure, and maturity.

The popular sporting hero was attending an event where he shared a near-death experience and how he cradled the nerve-racking incident with utmost poise. Neeraj was on his way to Frankfurt in a flight that took off from Abu Dhabi. During the journey, the plane lost control and put the passengers in a petrified state. He recollected the moment when he took off his headphones to break his state of oblivion and noticed the ruckus surrounding him.

“I had headphones on me. As I removed the headphones, I could hear the cries of kids and the gasps of anxious adults. I turned to my physio sitting beside me and said, ‘What’s the point of crying and worrying. The flight will crash if it has to crash’,” Neeraj said at the event.


However, after almost 15 seconds of no control, flickering lights, and rapid reduction in altitude, the flight again attained stability and landed in Frankfurt, with our country’s pride safe and sound. As the video surfaced on the web, netizensand fans of Neeraj couldn’t help but shower praises and compliments about his maturity and the level of calm and confidence the athlete has.

No wonder Neeraj came out with flying colours, with gold as the dominant shade, after his marvelous performance at the Olympics. The javelin thrower is not only a skilled athlete but also a person of quality.

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