What Makes PM Modi Nervous? Here’s What he Told the Tokyo Paralympians

Does the Prime Minister get nervous when he meets somebody important? That is a question not many will be able to ask the Prime Minister, and the answer to which not many would like to give!

But this was a special occasion on Thursday when the Indian contingent of the Tokyo Paralympics met PM Narendra Modi at a function following their record show in the 2020 Games.

Athlete Ajeet Singh Yadav used the opportunity and asked PM Modi, “Just like athletes were nervous before meeting PM Modi, does the Prime Minister get nervous when he meets other important dignitaries, including world leaders?”

And Ajeet would not have expected a candid response from the Prime Minister.

While PM Modi highlighted that he came from simple and ordinary background with no exposure to politics in his youth, he told the gathering that just like any other student in his school, he also got very nervous when the school principal wanted to speak to him. He further added that seven years and running as the Prime Minister of the country he has had the opportunities to meet many people across the globe as the leader of 135 crore Indians; but there is just one thought running in his mind- “I am nothing. The nation is everything”.

He further told Ajeet – “As I tell you to give your best, I think of giving my best for the nation”.

Thursday morning was a special one for the Paralympians who are able to meet PM Modi in person for the first time in their life and the personal touch of the PM while he connected with them during the function also made an extra difference. Not only did he try to understand the challenges and their efforts to make it to the podium and beyond, but the PM also checked with the players about their families, and all of them really appreciated the gesture.

As the event was about to end, the para-athletes conveyed to the Prime Minister that ‘Yeh Dil Maange more’ and that they are not done and satisfied yet, and are committed to increasing the medal tally in 2024 at the Paris Games. PM Modi also showed his appreciation and motivated the athletes saying that they have to look beyond wins and losses and each of them is a champion and pride of India.

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