Wrestling Fans Go Gaga as Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson Make Their AEW Debut

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) were in for a surprise on Sunday when star wrestlers Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, and CM Punk made their appearance at the All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Danielson and Cole made their first appearances at the AEW at the end of Sunday’s All Out pay-per-view show. The grand event took place after Kenny Omega retained the AEW World Championship over Christian Cage in the main event. Soon after the victory was ascertained, Cole came out to join the Elite in the ring. The 32-year-old wrestler was spotted aligning with the Elite as he attacked Jungle Boy and hugged the Bucks, Omega and their buddies. Meanwhile, Danielson showed up and sided with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage, and got into a big brawl to close the show.

All in all, the show triggered a series of memes and a lot of buzz on social media.

For some users, Sunday’s AEW show was “honestly one of the most epic moments I’ve ever seen in wrestling.”

One user also wondered how former WWE wrestlers Triple H may have reacted to this development. Watching two of his favourite wrestling stars, Danielson and Cole debuting at AEW was probably not good news for Triple H, as this user tweeted.

Another user praised the latest AEW match and tweeted, “AEW All Out was quite easily the best PPV I’ve ever seen and will be talked about forever. CM Punk’s first match in over 7 years. The greatest cage match and tag team match in history and they also debuted Ruby Soho, Minoru Suzuki, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson.”

Many users were quite surprised when they saw Cole at the AEW match, as one user put it, “I didn’t think Cole would go to AEW so quickly, his last match was only a couple weeks ago at NXT Takeover.”

Fans across the Atlantic ocean in the UK also expressed their excitement as they stayed awake in the wee hours of the morning just to watch one of the most memorable moments of wrestling.

What are your thoughts on the latest AEW match?

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